Children of the KLA

Short documentary – 2017


Almost 20 years after Kosovo declared its independence, I travelled to the country as part of a team of three to find out how the youngest generation in Europe’s youngest nation had dealt with coming of age in tandem with their country. Although Kosovo is still gripped by ethnic divides that filter down to its youth, when scratching beneath the surface we found that its young people have more in common than seperates them. 

Date Night

Short film – 2020


As a response to the dramatic shift in socialising that happened during the lockdown, I devised and shot a small film in isolation with an actor friend, examining how daily routines and dating had changed beyond all recognition in a few short months. .

VERSA’s Party Political Broadcast

Parody – 2015


In the run up to the 2015 General Election, in the era of Chaos with Ed Miliband and sordid allegations about David Cameron, I co-wrote and directed a parody party political broadcast.